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IWILDETECTOR Tendril Technology
Product introduction
AN1500 Hand-held Dangerous Liquid Detector is a security inspection instrument specially used to detect flammable, explosive and corrosive liquids. It uses quasi-static computed tomography technology to determine the flammability and explosiveness of the liquid by measuring its dielectric constant and conductivity. The instrument can distinguish flammable and explosive liquids such as liquid explosives, gasoline, acetone, ethanol from safe liquids such as water, cola, milk and fruit juice without direct contact with liquids. Other similar products on the market can not detect the danger when testing the liquid in the container with uneven outer wall. The instrument can detect not only the liquid contained in the container with smooth outer wall, but also the danger of the liquid contained in the container with uneven outer wall. The detector does not contain ions, microwave radiation sources and other potential dangerous elements. The detection method is green, safe, rapid, accurate and will not miss a dangerous liquid.
Liquid type
Dangerous liquids detected by this instrument include but are not limited to gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene, nitrobenzene, methanol, acetone, n-pentanol, tert-butanol, cyclohexanone, propylene oxide, dichloroethane, trichloromethane, ether, isopropyl ether, xylene, toluene, benzene, n-hexane, cyclohexane, n-heptane, rosin, rosin oil, n-octane, n-octane, n-propanol, isopropanol. Petroleum ether, acetonitrile, paint thinner (nitro thinner solvent), paint, tetrahydrofuran, styrene, cyclopentane, methyl acrylate, diethylamine, n-pentane, anhydrous ethanol, lighter oil, etc.
Place of use
The instrument can be widely used in safety inspection, terrorist attack prevention, fire prevention and so on.
Transportation departments: railways, stations, airports, subway, ports, etc.
Government departments: embassies, police stations, fire stations, courts, procuratorates, border control stations, military forces, etc.
Public places: large conference venues, stadiums, theatres, shopping malls and other places with dense personnel.
Characteristic index
1. Size: L220 x W38 x H75mm;
2. Weight: < 180g (including batteries);
3. Power supply voltage: DC 3V
4. Working current: 40mA;
5. Power consumption: 0.12W;
6. Detection time: <1s;
7. Use environment: temperature - 10 45 and humidity: 0 - 93% RH (no condensation);
8. The maximum wall thickness of the container can be detected: 8 mm non-metallic container;
9. Minimum cross-sectional area of detectable container: 15mm *60mm;
10. The effective distance between the detector and the side wall of the vessel to be measured is within 3 mm.
11. The number of test records that can be stored: 200,000.Explosion-proof Products suppliers